These are the 10 most popular and highest-grossing films of the 1990’s.

This 1997 epic romantic film intertwined a love story with a disaster of mass destruction. While a fictional account, this movie details the real-life events of the sinking of the Titanic. The film won 11 Academy Awards and has grossed over $2.18 billion worldwide.

Star Wars – Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace
This epic science fiction film was released in 1999 as the fourth installment of the “Star Wars” saga. This was also part one of three of the prequel to the original trilogy. With its 2012 3D version, this movie has grossed over $1 billion worldwide.

Jurassic Park
This 1993 science fiction and adventure flick was based on a novel of the same title. This movie centers around a wealthy philanthropist, who along with a team of scientists, have created a park of cloned dinosaurs. This movie has amassed over $1 billion worldwide.

Independence Day
Released in 1996, this science fiction film follows an alien takeover of Earth. Starring Will Smith, this much anticipated film began showing on July 2 instead of July 3. The film has grossed over $816 million worldwide and won an Academy Award for visual effects.

The Lion King
This animated comedy-drama musical was released in 1994. The film was influenced by biblical stories as well as Shakespeare. Featuring a cast including James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick and Jeremy Irons, this movie has taken in over $951 million worldwide.

Forrest Gump
This 1994 comedy-drama chronicles the life events of a sweet yet slow-witted man who influences some key events during his life. Starring Tom Hanks, this was the highest-grossing film of 1994 raking in over $677 million worldwide.

The Sixth Sense
Released in 1999, this psychological thriller is about a child who can see and talk to the dead and the psychologist who attempts to help him. This film was positively reviewed and was nominated for 6 Academy Awards but didn’t win any. The worldwide gross is over $672 million.

The Lost World – Jurassic Park
This is the sequel to the original “Jurassic Park.” This 1997 adventure and science fiction film is set 4 years after the original movie and was highly anticipated by fans. Even though the film received mixed reviews, it has amassed over $618 million worldwide.

Men in Black
Another Will Smith flick to top the list, this 1997 science fiction comedy co-stars Tommy Lee Jones. The film is based on a comic book of the same name. The film won an Academy Award and was nominated for 2 additional awards. The movie grossed over $589 million worldwide.

This 1998 film is a mix of science fiction, drama and disaster. The film tells the tale of a group of drillers who are sent to prevent an asteroid from destroying Earth. This Bruce Willis led movie was negatively reviewed by critics but still received 4 Academy Award nominations. The movie grossed over $553 million worldwide.