2. Breaking Bad- 9.4- IMDB- Netflix
Breaking Bad is one of the most thrilling action and drama TV series released till date. The story revolves around crime and how a common man rises as a drug dealer after knowing he has nothing to lose as he gets to know that he is suffering from Cancer.
The thrilling TV series has been lauded for its tremendous narration style and excellent performances. The series is in its final season, having already had four excellent seasons under its belt.

3. The Wire- 9.4- IMDB- Netflix
Another TV series in the crime and drama genre that has impressed one and all is the famous ‘The Wire’ show. The Wire ran its course from 2002-2008 and the fans were treated to five seasons of mystery, thrill and a good load of crime.
Drug dealers and law enforcing agencies and their roles and perception come to the fore in this enthralling five-season series.

4. Sherlock- 9.2- IMDB- Netflix
Based loosely on the epic tales of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the TV series embarks on bringing the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes into the modern world. The excellent crime stories and scintillating detection techniques make this series a must watch.
Fans can only watch the first two seasons at the moment as the third season won’t start before 2014.

5. Arrested Development- 9.2 – IMDB- Netflix
The excellent TV series ‘Arrested Development’ takes comedy to a whole new level. The story of a dysfunctional family, their fights and their support for each other make it a great watch for viewers of all ages.
The series has four seasons under its belt while a fifth season might come in mid next years.

7. Firefly- 9.1 – IMDB- Netflix
Firefly was a one season TV series that wowed viewers during 2002 and 2003. The sci-fi fiction TV series offers something different and keeps the viewers guessing at every stage.

8. Dexter- 9.1- IMDB- Netflix
An enthralling TV series, Dexter is full of mystery and intrigue for its viewers. The story revolves around an employee in the forensics lab who is actually a serial killer that murders criminals who he believes to have escaped justice.

9. Seinfeld- 8.9 – IMDB- Netflix
If comedy is on your mind then the nine seasons of ‘Seinfeld’ would surely blow you away. The story revolves around the antics of a stand-up comedian and his group of friends with their misadventures giving viewers loads to laugh about.

10. South Park- 8.8- IMDB- Netflix
Probably the best animation TV series, South Park gives everyone plenty to laugh about. Based on the misadventures of a group of four school children, this is one series that will keep you engaged for days seeing that it has more than 16 seasons under its belt.

11. Friends- 8.8- IMDB- Netflix
Friends is one of the most popular TV series and remains a cult to this date. The series revolves around the lives of a group of six friends who find love while enjoying their lives. There is something for those that have a penchant for romance while a lot more for others that seek pure ‘unadulterated’ fun.